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Emergency Action Plans (EAP's)and Workplace Safety

  • Course No. HS-0001 (PIE No. SM000004-0007)
  • Course Credit - 6 PDH's
  • Course Fee - $ 125.00 (PDF download)
  • Course Fee* - $ 95.00 (NSPE/AIA members)
  • Course Binder - $ 50.00 (includes 325 page fill color printed course materials including 2" D-ring binder, course materials, OSHA reference documents, checklists and forms)
  • Course Instructor - John W. Naylor, Jr., P.E.
  • Course Prerequisites - None

* 25/10 Discount applies to all members of the National Society of Professional Engineers and / or the American Institute of Architects. That is members of these groups receive a 25% discount on the course fee and, in addition, a 10% donation in your name will be made to the professional society to which you belong.

Course Summary:

When a new building is designed, someone has to prepare an Emergency Action Plan (EAP) to address evacuation procedures in case of emergencies. Someone has to design portable extinguisher layouts and, when required, fire detection, fire alarm and fire suppression equipment. Too often architects and engineers leave this work "on the table" when preparing their proposals. The course not only covers the preparation of an EAP but also Fire Protection Plans (FPP's), Emergency Action Floor Plans, Exit way requirements, fire code requirements for exit ways, number and placement portable fire extinguishers, fire detection systems, fire alarm systems, fixed fire suppression systems, emergency equipment such as respirators and related design and safety issues.

Specific Knowledge / Skills / Learning Conveyed:

  • Requirements of an Emergency Action Plan
  • How to Prepare and Emergency Action Plan
  • Identifying Emergency Action Plan Components
  • How to Prepare an Emergency Action Floor Plan
  • Required Design Characteristic for Exitways
  • Recognition of Types of Fires
  • Portable Fire Extinguisher Requirements for Fire Types, Placement, Maintenance and Testing
  • Understanding Fire Detection Systems Types / Components
  • Understanding Fire Alarm Systems
  • Understanding Fixed Fire Suppression Systems

Assessment of Learning:

A 25 question test is required to obtain continuing education credit for the course. A passing grade of 70% is required to obtain course credit.

Course Materials:

All course materials are contained in the downloadable files. A Course Binder can also be mailed to you which includes all course materials printed in full color, a durable 3-ring indexed binder for placement in your library for future consultation

To Take This Course:

  1. Click here to request a copy of the Emergency Action Plan Course Package *
  2. Review the course materials / take the Learning Assessment Test
  3. Submit Your Registration Sheet / Test Answer Sheets
  4. Your Certificate will be sent to you within 48 hours of receipt of test answers and payment
  5. Optional - Get More Information or Provide Feedback

* Includes 200 Page Course, 125 pages of OSHA Reference Materials, Appendices, Registration / Record Sheet and Test Package.